Arulmigu Shikanathar Temple

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exciting monuments in temple

Arulmigu Shikanathar Temple.Kudumiyamalai

      Kudumiyamalai is located about 20 km from Puddukkotai town. The village is centered around a small hillock, where a cave temple has been carved on its foot. This cave temple, locally known as Melaikkovil, has been extended continuously during later times which suggests that this place held quite an importance in the past. We found many inscriptions in and around this temple which go till the advent of British which suggests that this region would have enjoyed the continuous patronage from various dynasties which ruled over this region. However once bustling with social and cultural activities, at present this is a small idle village.

      This is a hill temple noted for prayers for relief from adverse effects of Sani Bhagwan – Saturn. Traditionally, the idols of 63 Nayanmars are arranged in the prakara of Shiva temples, which are, in this temple is at the top of the hill. It is also a custom that at the end of the row, Lord Vinayaka is placed. It is different in this temple. With Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi on the Vrushab vahan in the middle, Nayanmars appear in two parts on both sides. This is the only temple in Tamilnadu having this pattern of Nayanmar seating. While circumambulating the prakara, this could be seen clearly without climbing up the hill.

Above the temple there is bas-relief os Shiva and Parvati sitting on Nandi, flanked by 63 Nayanmars - devotees of Lord Shiva from Tamilnadu. Nayanmars are arranged in long rows.

Pooja Details

  • Thiruvanandhal Pooja
  • Ushat Kalam
  • Kaala Sandhi
  • Uchikalam
  • Sayarakshai
  • Artha Saman


  • Prathosam Pooja
  • Masi Magam
  • Thiruvathira
  • Navratri Vazhipadu
  • Karthigai Vazhipadu
  • Margazhi
  • Chitra Pournami
  • Vinayagar Chaturthi
  • Diwali
  • Tamil New Year
  • Pournami Pooja
  • Amavasya

Temple History

This is a temple that has countless sculptures from entrance to the end. As every one is sculpted with rare minute skills, the Archeological Department has taken up the control of the temple.

Contact us

Arulmigu Shikanathar Temple,
  Pudukkottai District.,
    Pincode : 622 104 ,
     Phone no: 04322 - 221084

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